D-Day Surgery Time!

Today is the day of surgery. Did I sleep last night? Hell No! What did I do, I googled and again read every single review on my surgeon. Why? I have no idea. I literally had about 1 hour sleep. I woke up with so many mixed feelings, I was so so nervous and scared but I dont know why or what of?

I have previously had my tonsils out and also an ovarian cyst removed, so I have been under a general anesthetic before, but this is what was worrying me. The feeling of going under, and how would I feel when I woke up?

I did all of the normal things that morning, got my daughters off to school and kindy, showered and dressed and then off I went to the Canossa Private Hospital. I checked in at 9.00am and then waited briefly. The feeling of anxiety that I had was overwhelming. My hands were shaking – this was nothing compared to what was to come.

A lovely nurse presented herself and I went into an office to go through some paperwork, and they asked me all sorts of questions. I couldn’t answer becuase I started to cry, straight away. Man I felt like THE biggest loser. This poor nurse went to get her supervisor. They asked me if I was having second thoughts, and If I wanted to not proceed, I was so so close to just saying yes, I want to go home, but I just tried my hardest to suck it up, wipe the tears away, stop shaking and keep going.


I was given a super sexy hospital gown and some stockings for my legs. So I went and changed and then got to chill out in a bed for a while. I had a visit from the anesthetist, several from the nurses and of course a visit from my surgeon Dr Ces Colagrande. I continued to answer lots and lots of questions for everyone and Dr Ces did his final measure up of my boobs. He was super chirpy and so comforting, I think he could tell I was about to fall apart.

I lay there waiting on the bed, holding back tears for a while longer. It felt like it all happened so quickly tho. The next thing I knew a nurse came back to me and so did Dr Ces and IT WAS TIME TO GO!

Oh Geez, they started to wheel me around to the operating theatre, and that was it. I lost control, I couldn’t hold back the tears and I put on my best ugly cry face. The double doors opened to the theatre,  I remember seeing the bright lights and then I so childishly pulled the blanket up over my face so that all the nurses and everyone else in the room couldn’t see me crying.

They swapped me from one bed to the other, man I was shaking so much, I closed my eyes and let my tears fall. The anesthetist took my left arm and I could feel him rubbing the cold clenser getting ready to instert the bung. Dr Ces took my right hand, and told me not t0 worry becuase I was going to wake up with amazing boobs. He stayed there and wiped away my tears and squeezed my hand tight. 


The first thing I remember when I woke up, I swallowed – my throat was sore. There was a nurse right there when I opened my eyes. I told her my throat was sore, she said it was from the tube – ouch.   My chest felt a little tight, but nowhere near as bad as I was expecting it to feel. I had on a surgical bra that Dr. Ces had provided.  I just felt groggy.  I layed there for a little while and I had some water. I hadn’t eaten since 10pm the night prior but I wasn’t hungry. Dr Ces came and made sure I was all okay, I vaguely remember this conversation but not very well.

I stayed in recovery for an hour whilst I was awake and then I was picked up at about 2pm and taken home. By the time I was picked up I was rather perky, the groggyness had worn off and I seemed to be back to myself. I felt like the biggest idiot for making such a fuss, and crying so bad! This was nothing! I could do this over and over again. I had nothing to get so worked up about. I had two children! My chest was tender, obviously on the drive home, we took speedbumps and corners extremely slow. I so badly wanted to see them, I had asked Dr Ces to take a photo of them before he put my surgical bra on, he did but it came out really blury. Below is the first picture of my new boobs in the car on the way home.

I arrived home, I was walking slowly but I wasn’t in any pain, this was great! My girlfriend came over and brought me a recovery bag full of magazines, raspberry tea, some fresh fruit and soda water. She hung out with me and to my amazement I was up and about and walking around. My friend wanted desperately to look at my boobs but I told her that I dared not take off that bra!

I ate some light fruit that night, I still wasn’t very hungry and I didn’t feel like anything heavy.

Now to where I was going to sleep, I can’t lie flat so bed was not an option. I set up my recliner with lots of pillows and blankets. Phone charger right beside me, a table with lots of water, fruit, my antibiotics and the pain killers. Oh my – I still hadn’t taken a single pain killer. I wasn’t feeling any pain at all. So there I was all nice and comfy, it hurt to get in the recliner, and I couldn’t get up on my own without any help. I had no upper body strength and didn’t want to put any strain on my chest, trying to lift myself out of the chair.  I settled in to sleep for the night, Night 1 with my new boobs.

Dr Ces called me at about 7.30pm that night to see how I was feeling. Wow I was not expecting that! A late, after hours call from your surgeon? He explained to me how the operation went. To my amazement he told me that I do not have a left pectoral muscle. What did this mean? Well as the implant is placed underneath the muscle, he creates a pocket for it but on my left side, I didn’t have the muscle there! This would explain why when I worked out at the gym I had troubles with the peck deck etc… I didn’t have a peck! He said it was okay and not a problem, however ther was a peck over the right implant, but not the left.  Also on the left side, as I had my third nipple there, that did create a little problem with the insertion point. If I could do it all again, I wish I did ask him to take that out.

I woke around 2am, WHOOOOMP THERE IT IS!   Everybody say hello to the pain. Where were my pain killers? oh thats right, beside me – ouch! I could hardly move my arm to reach for them. I took my pain killers, took more antibiotics and drifted back to sleep. Was I in pain because of the op, or because I was sleeping on a recliner? I think a little of both. 


This photo is the night I got home, showing the surgical bra, I still hadn’t undone that zipper to take a look yet.