The Consult & Prep

My online contact form, quesionnaire and photos were submitted. The day after I had a lengthy chat with one of his staff and my consult was booked in for the same week. It still felt surreal, after my last consult I wasn’t holding out much hope for my boobs.

I was encouraged to find photos or examples of boobs that I did like, and boobs that I didn’t like to show Dr. Ces. This would help him to guide me with making a decision for myself.  So again I got googling and screenshotting my way through the nights. It was all I could think about.

The day before the consultation Dr. Ces called me to just really have a chat about what to expect at my consult. I told him what I wanted, he had my photos there and he really did make me feel so much more at ease about the entire thing. I told him that I was super keen to get this done and ready to go (before I changed my mind). He was so warming and welcoming, we hit it off on the phone straight away. I knew that he’d be my surgeon even before I met him. I was getting excited!

The consult day came and off I went. I live in Brisbane and Dr Ces Colagrande’s clinic is located at Mermaid Beach on the Gold Coast. It is about an hours drive. His clinic is very impressive, styling and clean! His staff so very helpful. Geez I was nervous.

The consult is happening, there I was sitting in the white leather chair talking so comfortably to Dr Ces about my wants and don’t wants. He just listened, then he clarified everything with making sure he understood. He measured me up and then he gave me OPTIONS. I tried on some implants and he could tell that I wasn’t “Feeling it”. He offered alternatives. I felt so comfortable and able to say to him “nope I don’t like this one” or “do you have this in a different size?”  ”Does this make my butt look big?”

The implant we chose for me and for the result I wanted was a Brazilian Implant. Extra High Profile at 425cc. I was contemplating between 380cc and 425cc. I am so happy i went with the larger size. Dr Ces deals mostly with Brazilian Implants. After researching all of the implant types, I knew I was 100% going with the furry brazilian implant. It highly reduces the risk of Capsular Contraction. We also decided on Dual Plane placement. The implant circled below is what I chose.

Under my left breast I have a 3rd nipple, Dr Ces said that he could take this out if I wanted him to. It is right near where the incision would go. I changed my mind several times, yes, no, yes but ended up saying No, don’t take it out.

So the implant was chosen. Lets get down to business. I had mentioned previously to Dr Ces that I was ready to go, I wanted this ASAP. He spoke to me more about the surgery, what’s involved and the associated risks. We picked a surgery date. Now I started to feel overwhelmed!  He offers hospitals both on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane and as I am Brisbane based, my surgery would happen at the Canossa Private Hospital in Brisbane. I was booked in!

Now, I was a smoker and he knew this. He simply said, “Stop Smoking”.  With all the reading I had done I knew the complications of smoking and surgery. I assured him – consider me a non-smoker. Fingers Crossed, I promise.

I left my consult with all of my paperwork and the forms required to provide to the hospital and it was happening. I had scripts to fill and had to start taking antibiotics the day prior to surgery as a precautionary.  I had wanted this for such a long time, I had tried to quit smoking several times. My biggest fear was that something would go wrong after surgery, I’d get an infection or something so I knew I simply could not smoke.

Over the next 3 days prior to surgery all I could think about was my boobs, I didn’t smoke and it was easy! I had the motivation, I had a goal and I knew that if I smoke it could throw a big spanner in the works. A boob job was all the motivation I needed to beat this filthy habbit. Forget the patches, champix and lozenges, I didn’t need any of that.

I went grocery shopping and stocked up big time on groceries, I didn’t want to run out of anything for a good week.

I pre-made school lunches and snacks, I froze sandwiches and had everything organised right down to water bottles.

I pre-made dinners and froze them, so every night I simply had to re-heat something. I felt like I was nesting, you know when you’re in the last stages of your pregnancy? All the washing was done, ironed and put away, kitchen cupboards were cleaned out I had even cleaned all of my window tracks.. clean sheets were all on the beds and my house had never been cleaner!

Lets go…. I’m ready to fly!