Decision Made

Okay, enough is enough. All of my friends now have boobjobs, they look great in their tiny triangle bikini’s and I am jealous that I have to wear an underwired, padded push up bikini top thus creating backfat. If that is not a good enough reason for me to get a boob job then what is?

In all seriousness it was all I could think about. I had just sold my business and was now working part time. Life was easing up, I was having more me time. I had time to think about this, I can do this!

I got serious. I started look at surgeons. As two of my closes friends had theirs done by a local, well known surgeon in Brisbane I assumed I would simply go to him. They were happy with their results, their boobs looked amazing! I arranged a consult with the surgeon they used. I went for a consult at his practice but for some reason I didn’t see him. I saw another surgeon at his practice. I cannot remember his name. 

I had of course done alot of research on the type of implant, shapes and placement. I already had teardrop shaped boobs naturally, so I didn’t think I wanted to pay for bigger teardroped shaped boobs. In my head I wanted nice round boobs with fullness and definition at the top, and to be honest, I didn’t care if they looked fake. I never once said “I want natural looking big boobs”. I already had that. 

You can imagine my disappointment when in my very first consult, the surgeon recommended tear drop shaped implants. My response: “Can you put them in upside down?”

He said that the teardrop shape will push all of my natural breast tissue to the top of my chest and my boobs will look naturally big. This is not what I wanted. I had looked at plenty of photos of teardrop shaped boobs, a friend had tear drop shaped boobs, It just wasn’t the look I wanted. I didn’t feel comfortable with the surgeon. I did tell him that I didn’t want tear drop shaped but he didn’t come up with any other suggestions. He didn’t have OPTIONS.

Ugh how disappointing…..

After the first consult I did lose a little bit of motivation. I was starting to question the need for this all again. 

About 3 months later, a friend of mine text me with a different surgeons name. All she sent me in her text was “Check out Dr Ces for your boobs” This came from a friend who  had her boobs done by a different surgeon.

So that night – I got GOOGLING! 

Now most women know how to stalk somebody. I have stalked so many ex boyfriends, future boyfriends,  I have found old friends after we lost contact. I stalked and stalked Dr. Ces Colagrande. I read every single page of his website, I opened everything that mentioned him in Google, I read every review, I looked at every forum I watch every single youtube clip.

I decided to complete the contact form on his website which also enabled me to submit my before photos and complete a questionnaire.