The Early Days – Pre Boobjob

As a teenager and in my early twenties, chicken fillets were my breast friend. Literally. Not the kind that you eat, the kind that you stuff down your bra to create some cleavage. When I would go out, the chicken fillets were in my heavily padded push up bra, I always was so conscious that one would fall out, what if I met the man of my dreams and had to show him the real me?  What if you could see them sticking out the sides in a photo that was later posted to facebook, because really who doesn’t take like a million photos in da club on a Saturday night when you’ve spent several hours doing your hair, makeup and picking out the perfect outfit and don’t forget the spray tan you had a couple of days earlier?

Chicken fillet bra

That was life, I was working two jobs, not because I needed the money, because I WANTED the money and I have always enjoyed a busy life. At 19 years old I was a fully licenced Real Estate Agent, working full time in Real Estate and on the weekends was a bar tender in one of Brisbane Citys’ busiest night clubs. I would work Friday and Saturday nights, all night and get home at 6 am. I was having so much fun.  Weekdays I would wear a suit and knee length skirt, weekends was a whole different story! I bought my first house at age 20, and have kept buying and selling property since then. I moved out of home when I was 17. I have a great relationship with my parents, although I have always been very independent and I don’t rely on anyone. 

As birthdays passed I would be a year older, but I never actually felt older, I’ve always been young at heart, and often forget my age. I’ll still be wearing mini skirts and low cut tops at the age of 60. Somebody please stop me! I seriously mean that….. a quick tap on the shoulder and knock some sense into me. 

I had my first daughter at age 25. Whilst I was pregnant my boobs grew from a B cup up to a D Cup! I was so excited. I hoped that they would stay that size after baby was born. On both sides of my family all of the women have big chests. I remember my mum and her five sisters all telling me that one day I’ll have big boobs just like them –  it was in the family. In fact, my mother had a BREAST REDUCTION after she had me and my brother! Go figure. 

So after my first daughter was born, yes my boobs stayed big they were a D cup. I threw out the chicken fillets and life was good! Alot of my friends couldn’t believe the transformation and the fact that I now how nice big boobs. They had lost or never gained boob after having children, they were so Jelly and I gave them all of my super padded push up bras, I no longer needed them. *Cheeky smirk*

My second daughter was born 5 years later (I was 29 yrs old), again my boobs were still big, I breast fed her and not much changed in my boobs, they were still a D – DD cup however they were deflating. I had no fullness at the top, yeah sure I could create the fullness by wearing a padded push up bra but I seriously was now considering getting a boobjob. 

I owned a business and was still working full time, so life was hectic. I would sometimes work 7 days a week. All but one of my closest girlfriends underwent Breast Augmentation. They all were flat chested, some had children, some didn’t. I was so jelous, I just didnt’ have the time to seriously look into it, and again, because I already had big boobs, every time I mentioned it to someone they replied with “You’ve already got big boobs, don’t be stupid” So for a while there, I did think that it would be a waste of money, I was already wearing a size 10D or 10DD Bra. Did I really NEED to spend $10,000 on a boob job? With a young family there is so much more I could spend that money on. I was being a selfish princess. I pushed the idea out of my head.

This is me, before children: