Well hello there, thanks for visiting my blog!

If you are here, you are looking at having a boobjob, or if we are being all technical and professional, BREAST AUGMENTATION; but lets throw the technical and professional out the window, because I am your average girl, or shall I say woman, of 33 years old with 2 gorgeous children and I’ve decided to create this blog for two reasons.

Reason 1.

I am completely and utterly in love with my new boobs. Sure I am living in boob land at the moment, and maybe one day it will wear off, but at least I’ll have this to look back on, sort of like all the photos I have of my children growing up. I kind of have two more children now, on my chest. So I am taking lots of photos of them, growing up. Weirdo.. I know. But keep reading!

Reason 2

I’ve owned my own business before, I know how it works and the power of a good review. If somebody does something for you, whether you pay for it or not I believe give credit where credit is due. Dr Ces Colagrande was my surgeon and if you are here because you are looking at getting a boob job, or trying to decide who should have the honour of doing your boobs, then I’d like to give all the credit of my boobs to Dr Ces Colagrande.  I recommend him completely and I am also going to see him for some other procedures, which I will feature on this blog also.
So check out the pages below, have a read and I really hope that this blog can help you with any decision making process you are going through.Also note that any photos of boobs on my blog are completely  MY BOOBS! I love photography and editing and all pics of boobs whether they are artistic or just progress photos, have been taken of my boobs and my boobs alone.

Thanks for reading.